Marmalade Café

The original MARMALADE CAFE doors opened in November 1990 in Santa Monica, California. Initially this first MARMALADE CAFE was designed primarily to fulfill the needs of catering customers but since customers loved the concept and increasingly wanted to dine inside the cafe, owners Bobby, Bonnie and Selwyn decided to open a second operation in Malibu. Upon its Malibu debut, MARMALADE CAFE instantly became a local favorite prompting them to open MARMALADE CAFE in Sherman Oaks, Westlake Villiage, Calabasas, Palos Verdes, the original Los Angeles Farmers Market, El Segundo and Santa Barbara utilizing the same ambiance, excellent food and service present in the original MARMALADE CAFE they started in Santa Monica. The design of a MARMALADE CAFE adorned with it’s antiques and artifacts collected from all over the United States is unique and manifests both the personal touch and vision of its owners creating a magnificent environment in which to dine.

We take great pride in our restaurants and view them as a personal reflection of ourselves. Consequently we only hire employees who are as excited about our operations as we are. Our concept is very simple. Customers enjoy dining in a spectacular environment matched with wonderful food and fully attentive service. When you visit us you will see that we have provided just that.